LPSC Poster on Mars Analog Geophysics

In addition to the excitement from the Chile tsunami, this week is also host to the 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) in The Woodlands, Texas.  Back in 2004, I attended the LPSC meeting, which is the world's premier gathering of planetary scientists, and I am happy to have a contribution to this year's LPSC.  On Thursday, I will be virtually presenting research findings from the geophysics projects I did at FMARS and MDRS, including the seismic station installation, electromagnetic survey, and seismic refraction survey.  I say virtually because I unfortunately won't be there in person; instead a colleague will present the poster for me. 

You can read my 2-page abstract online or see the full poster below:

LPSC 2010 Poster

The work featured in this poster will form the basis for my UND Space Studies Independent Study thesis project which is one of the final requirements of that master's degree. Thanks to everyone who helped me make these projects a success!

The week's excitement isn't over yet. Tomorrow I'll tour NOAA's latest research ship the Okeanos Explorer. Check it out!


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