Listen for me on Talking Space

Last week, I had the pleasure of being the featured guest on the Talking Space podcast.   @TalkingSpace is a project of the Space Tweeps Society. The panelists interviewing me included Mark Ratterman, Sawyer Rosenstein, and Gina Herlihy.  We talked about my job at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, the astronaut selection process, my FMARS and MDRS missions, and Mars exploration in general.  Episode 212 is now online, and you can listen to it below:

You can listen to my previous two Space Show interviews here and here.


PillowNaut said…
Excellent job once again! "For 30 days you can tolerate almost anything." Oh, I don't know about that! The only part that set my eyes rolling in disbelief was when she asked you if you would go to Mars, LOL... That seemed pretty obvious, but maybe it's just me!! ;)

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