FMARS Video #4: Exercise

Recall my post last week on the Haughton Crater Run. Now that the FMARS mission is fully underway, I can no longer go outside to exercise. Instead, I must work out inside the FMARS Hab. My latest FMARS crew video blog episode highlights the exercise facilities here:

The previous three episodes showed a tour inside FMARS, outside FMARS, and overlooking Resolute Bay. More HD video clips from the expedition are available on the FMARS YouTube Channel. I plan future episodes to focus on our space suits, EVA operations, and how we collect/handle water. Does anyone have other suggestions?


SteveandAlina said…
I have caught up and watched all the videos! I think it would be neat if you did a future video showing how you do something in simulation mode, such as going in and out of the FMARS, putting on your space suits, etc... and then explain how it would be different if you were actually ON Mars!

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