Aquanaut Gravity Comparisons

What is gravity like on the Mars compared to the Moon or an asteroid? See for yourself in this really cool video made by Astronaut Chris Hadfield and crewmates on the NEEMO-14 mission at the NOAA Aquarius Reef Base. If you're curious to learn more about the underwater habitat, check out the NEEMO-14 overview video and video tour of Aquarius too.

For more great information on the NEEMO-14 mission, check out their Flickr photos, YouTube videos, Twitter profile, Facebook page, and mission support blog.

Stay turned for a future post with more on aquanaut opportunities!


PillowNaut said…
Awesome video! I know two folks who have done NEEMO missions now, and they just rave about it. Talk about the ultimate NBL pool, hehe. I am surprised there aren't more programs like this, but I would imagine they are expensive to operate. Also, I am terrified to dive, so I'm glad there are braver people who are willing to water-train out there!! :)

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