My first EVA

We conducted our first two test EVAs today, with the three men going first and the ladies second (Where were our manners?). During EVA-1, we deployed the Omega Envoy Rover to let it roam around the Hab while we spent about an hour walking around to get used to the suits. There is some really cool video footage of us from the perspective of the little rover on Spacevidcast.

First, we walked about 250 meters from the Hab to the seismic station I had deployed about a week earlier. I was able to open the cover and check the station status in the restricted space suit, although it was difficult to see the screen. After a few stomp tests to make sure the station was operating properly, I joined Vernon and Joe who were looking at some fossils near the crater rim. We walked back to the Hab and drove the ATVs around for a few minutes to get used to operating them in the suits.


It was raining slightly, and we had a little trouble with fogging in the helmets. We quickly learned that leaning forward and wiping the inside of the helmet with our hat-covered foreheads worked pretty well at clearing it. We had some trouble with the throat microphones twisting out of position on our necks, so I think we'll probably tape them in the future. Overall, it was a very successful first EVA!

You can read more about this EVA in the EVA #1 Report.


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