new "Full Earth Rise" HD video and images!

In a previous post, I showed some of the Japanese Earth rise images taken from the lunar Kaguya (Selene) mission. While those images were impressive, the entire Earth wasn't in view. There are new HD images of a full Earth rise, which are even more spectacular:

New Earth rise images press release:

Previous Earth rise images press release:

Update 02/19/2009:
JAXA how now posted this video and more on YouTube.


Anonymous said…
It's like it's playing peek-a-boo. Try it with Henry; see if he's scared of the Earth.
Anonymous said…
a blue world
among the stars.
chosen for life
and the journey
through eternity(c)
Anonymous said…
Why can't you see stars in the photo?
BrianShiro said…
Jeff, you can't see the stars because the photo was taken during the lunar day when the sky is very bright. Just because the sky is black doesn't mean the moon isn't being hit with light from the sun. This light is reflected from the lunar surface and from the earth's surface, washing out the background of stars in photographs. If Kaguya had been able to stay still and take a long exposure photo, you would have seen the stars. A nice little discussion of the subject is available here:
Anonymous said…
HMMM....watching Earthrise...
makes me feel so insignificant

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