The Astronaut's Guide to Life in Space

So you made it to space. Now what do you do? Well, look no further. NPR assembled some 1980's NASA footage of Space Shuttle astronauts and made this lighthearted video guide to surviving life in space. The playful, retro-styled film shows them eating, playing, exercising, and horsing around.

Take a lesson from these darkly humorous astronaut suicide photos courtesy of and don't let your nostalgia for the now bygone Space Shuttle era get you down. Let's hope no astronauts are so depressed by the Shuttle's retirement to consider such drastic measures, especially in light of the recent Russian Progress launch failure and the possibility that the ISS may have to be abandoned in November. With the upcoming SpaceX Dragon test docking to the ISS in early December, maybe NASA won't have to rely on Russia as its sole ride into space for too much longer.

The crew of Expedition 28 currently onboard the ISS aren't letting their spirits drop. Check out this video they made to convey how Astronaut Ron Garin handled the news of the 2-month mission extension.

To everyone on Earth and in space, have a great weekend!


Luis Saraiva said…
LOL Brian :)

Great article!

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