Zubrin Makes the Case for Mars

Dr. Robert Zubrin, President & Founder of The Mars Society, recently gave an address at the University of Washington on his Mars Direct plan to send humans to the Red Planet within a decade. A superbly edited version of segments of his presentation combined with a conversational style interview and other footage is available in two parts for your viewing pleasure:
Part 1

Part 2

I highly recommend watching these videos. It'll be 19 minutes well-spent.

The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We MustZubrin is an engaging and inspiring advocate of human Mars exploration and offers piercing criticism of the way the USA has handled the goals of its human space program since the Apollo program. His central thesis is that with the right motivation and resources, we can get to Mars within a decade. We don't have to wait for future advanced technologies to be developed, and in fact strategies relying upon such technologies are used more as excuses not to go to Mars than as enabling such a journey. After all, NASA got to the Moon in only 8 years using slide rules.

Having been inspired by Dr. Zubrin's book The Case for Mars, I worked with him personally to help carry out the 2009 FMARS expedition to the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station in the Canadian Arctic. In the video, Dr. Zubrin says he is updating his 15-year-old book for an upcoming second edition.


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