The Musical Case for Mars

This is for all of you Mars lovers out there.

The Symphony of Science has released a video titled "The Case for Mars". It puts to music many of the memorable speeches made by Robert Zubrin, Carl Sagan, Brian Cox, and Penelope Boston on the topic of Mars exploration.

Footage used in the video comes from Sagan's Cosmos series, The Mars Underground documentary, and the BBC's Wonders of the Solar System documentary. The inspirational, melodic video also features footage of people conducting EVAs at the Mars Desert Research Station, which is accepting applications now. Throughout the video, Zubrin is heard saying, "It shouldn't be humans to Mars in 50 years. It should be humans to Mars in 10." I can't say I disagree.

The Symphony of Science is a musical project designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. You can see the rest of their videos here.


Amnon I. Govrin said…
Most of what I hear and read is why NOT to go to Mars - radiation, bone-loss, muscle loss, landing challenges - the list goes on and on.

Was there enough being done to resolve challenge after challenge after challenge since the moon landings?

I wish we were farther along.

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