Rocket Racing League

Coming soon to an airshow near you: Rocket Racing League.

I've always been a big fan of aviation and spent the better part of my youth immersed in it since my dad was a private pilot very active in the local AOPA club. Some of my favorite memories from those days are attending air shows with my family at a nearby Air Force base and flying to the EAA Oshkosh Show in Wisconsin.

The Rocket Racing League (RRL) is a new kind of airshow, which had its debut event at the Tulsa Air Show this past weekend. Think of it as Star Wars podracing meets NASCAR.  RRL uses the latest rocket and augmented reality technologies to allow both the pilots and the spectators to feel like they're flying through a virtual racecourse in the sky.  There is even an iPhone app that allows you to join in the fun.

Below is a highlight video from Miles O'Brien covering the first RRL event. Check out the RRL YouTube Channel for more.

The Rocket Racing League is the brainchild of Peter Diamandis, the same visionary who helped bring us the International Space University, SEDs, SpaceGen, X PRIZE, ZeroG Corp, Space Adventures, and Singularity University.


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