Debut of This Week in Space with Miles O'Brien

I finally managed to watch the inaugural episode of This Week in Space with Miles O'Brien and would like to share it with you as well. Produced by, the weekly microcast promises to "keep space lovers up to speed on the stories and issues making news off the planet" and "fill the mainstream media space gap." Without further ado, enjoy the show:

It was good to see Miles O'Brien reporting on spaceflight again a year after he left CNN. I was very impressed by the guest lineup on the new show with such big names as Mike Griffin, Leroy Chiao, and Nicole Stott. The main focus of discussion this time was NASA's future following the Augustine Commission recommendations since rumors suggest that Obama may have a big announcement in the works. The episode also features segments on SpaceX, MRO, Spirit rover, SpaceShipTwo, WISE, Hubble's WFC3, and ISS science.

You can follow This Week in Space on Twitter or watch it on Vimeo, YouTube, or iTunes.

Also in space news this week, the Astronaut Half of Fame announced its 2010 class of inductees, and a stunning video on "The Known Universe" made the rounds on space blogs.


PillowNaut said…
Great premiere! Thanks for this, I joined their Twitter feed. Nicole Stott was awesome... "how is gravity treating you?" hahahaha

Interestingly, the LA Times just published an article about how NASA TV should televise more, and should make space topics more lively. I wish Miles O'Brien could be their host!

They could definitely benefit from such an an interesting mix of political realities and our "hopes and dreams" for the post-Shuttle era.

Looking forward to President's announcement (and he's right, if it was bad news, Obama wouldn't do it personally...)

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