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I'd just like to take a minute and recognize some other bloggers who cover similar topics as Astronaut for Hire. We share our personal experiences as we try to become astronauts or advance human space exploration in our own ways. Damaris Sarria deserves credit for starting one of the first blogs of this sort back in 2005. There are doubtless many other bloggers who strive to be astronauts (like most Space Tweeps), so if I missed anyone on this list please let me know.

Several active and former astronauts have blogs too.  For example, Nicole Stott just returned from 3 months on the ISS and really made waves with her blog. She is the last astronaut who will be transported to or from the space station by a Space Shuttle. Check out some of her excellent blog posts about life on the ISS from the link below. There is a good post-mission NASA TV interview with her here.

NASA also maintains an archive of astronaut journals from the pre-blog era.


Amnon I. Govrin said…
I have a lot of sites to look at now :-)

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