Blogging from Antarctica

I just wanted to put in a plug for two of my friends who are currently blogging from Antarctica. I spent a month in Antarctica in 2002 and hope to go back someday (pictures here).

  1. The first is from my former officemate Mitchell Barklage. He is down there working on the GAMSEIS project, which is part of POLENET. His work studying mountains buried beneath the ice is similar to my Antarctic field work back in 2002 supporting the TAMSEIS project.

  2. The second is Yuki Takahashi. Although we don't know each other personally, we are both ISU alumni, facebook friends, and 2008 NASA astronaut applicants. Yuki is at the South Pole working with the Gravitational Wave Background Telescope to study the cosmic microwave background.

PS: I fixed a bug in my blog that had been blocking comments for the past few weeks. Comments should be working again now.


PillowNaut said…
What an awesome experience... great photos and videos, particularly the ones from helicopters -- McMurdo from the air, the penguin, the the glacier terminus... wow! Guess I'm to old and easily shivered to do this anymore, LOL... I wish this had been more in the public eye back when I was in college ;)

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