Additional interview information

Today I am shamelessly re-posting some information recently shared on the AsHos board by an upcoming interviewee who spoke with Teresa Gomez.
  • There will only be 110 rather than 120 interviewees in the first round. I'm not sure exactly how this will affect the timeline I previously posted. Either 1-2 are being shaved off each group, or one of the groups will not meet altogether.
  • The first eight groups are already full, but the remaining four groups from 19-30 January still have vacancies.
  • The Astronaut Selection Office's goal is to notify the last interviewee by 15 January for an interview during the last week of interviews (26 January).
  • Interviewees will receive additional medical forms to fill out before coming to Houston.
  • Some of the activities during the interview will include: the formal interview, psychological testing, medical records review with a flight doctor, assessment on a new robotics system, a brief physical, some spaceflight exercises, and of course the informal, social gathering.
  • In case there was any doubt, Ms. Gomez confirmed that NASA will pay for the whole interview trip.

As for me, there is still no news to report. It's a nail-biter to be sure!

I'd also like to share an insightful Houston Chronicle article by Steve Lindsey of the NASA Astronaut Office that offers a defense of the Constellation/Ares program and the reasons NASA isn't opting for a commercial launch vehicle at this time.


Anonymous said…
I sent in your recommendation a couple of weeks ago. I hope it helps!
Snigle said…
I'm willing it to happen. Good luck! To the Moon!

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