Bought a new car: Honda Fit

In order to have a more safe and practical car for our soon-to-arrive little one, Holli and I bought a new car this week. Our criteria were that it had to be a 4-door hatchback with excellent safety and fuel economy ratings. If money were in infinite supply, we'd buy a Toyota Prius, but since we can't afford a hybrid, we looked at conventional cars. Models we considered included the Toyota Matrix, Nissan Versa, Honda Fit, and Scion xD. The second tier cars in this category include the Suzuki Aero, Mazda3, Kia Rio or Spectra, and Chevy Aveo. The decision came down to either the Nissan Versa or Honda Fit, and we we went for the Honda Fit. The Versa was cheaper but might not have the same build quality and reputation as the Honda Fit. Plus, no other car on the U.S. market can match the Honda Fit's innovative folding seats storage system. We bought our Honda Fit via Costco and saved some money, and the whole experience was very nice overall.


Robert Piercy said…
I'm getting about 28 MPG's from my Grand Prix, but when the time comes, I could save 35.00/ wk by getting a hybrid. This is because of my 1K mi/wk commutes.
BrianShiro said…
My Fit is also getting about 28 MPG, even though it's rated for about 35-40. The Honda people tell me it will be get better with time.

I think we'll all be driving hybrids or better yet all electric vehicles within a decade or so. Right now, it's hard to justify them solely on personal economic grounds unless you have a long commute every day.

My commute is only 1 mile, so a hybrid just didn't make economic sense.

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