Space Democrats

I joined a social network called Space Democrats that is "dedicated to electing Democrats who support progressive space policies that maximize the positive impact of the US Space Program on the nation and the world." The discussions have been interesting, particularly with regard to the current U.S. Presidential candidates' positions on space issues. Check it out:

Add this to the list of my other profiles.


PillowNaut said…
Awesome website, looks like it's grown since you posted! Reading more now with an eye toward joining, as I see some names I recognize...

btw- have you considered registering with Technorati for a profile there as well? Good for blog traffic :)
BrianShiro said…
@PillowNaut, thanks for the suggestion to register with Technorati. To be honest, I've never looked into it, but I will investigate it. By the way, I think your website it great.
PillowNaut said…
Thank you too! I've had fun writing and discovering other blogs... also just added you to my Technorati favorites :)

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