Virgin Galactic unveils SpaceShipTwo design

Virgin Galactic has unveiled the design of its new space launch system SpaceShipTwo, based on the 2004 X-PRIZE-winning SpaceShipOne. The new mothership called the WhiteKnightTwo is nearing completion and will undergo testing in summer 2008. Even better, both WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo are being designed to run on biofuel, making them more environmentally friendly.

Here is a link to the Virgin Galactic press release (MS Word format).


Robert Piercy said…
This thing is awesome. I want to ride... but the tickets are too high. You know I met Burt Rutan with your dad in Oshkosh, WI.
BrianShiro said…
You went to Oshkosh with my dad? What year was that? I went to the airshow there twice around 90 and 91. It's pretty amazing.

Burt Rutan is quite an impressive person. I also got to meet him when he acccepted the X Prize award in St. Louis.
Robert Piercy said…
I'm guessing it was 92 or 93. Not exactly sure. It was awesome though. Got to tour the Budweiser Blimp, a C-5 Galaxy, and meet Rutan. Really one of the coolest trips of my life. I LOVE airplanes.

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